Bright Future for Car Hire Industry

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A joint seminar held by the British Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association [BVRLA] and the RAC Foundation in 2012, discussed the issue of alternatives to car ownership. Car use is a fundamental part of everyday life, with 64% of journeys and 78% of distance travelled involving cars. Completing a journey without the use of a car can be very difficult in many parts of the UK, particularly in rural areas, as public transport can be sporadic or non existent.

However vehicle ownership is becoming less attractive as fuel and insurance costs rise, along with concerns about exhaust fumes, carbon emissions and global warming. It is no surprise that people are looking around for alternatives to car ownership.

One developing idea, highlighted by the seminar, which is increasing in popularity, is pay-as-you-go motoring. There are a number of schemes which come under this heading, a major one being car hire. The convenience of hiring a vehicle as and when needed for as long as required, without the hassle of insurance, fuel, tax etc, is an attractive prospect. You can hire a variety of vehicle types including small or family cars, vans for transporting items of furniture or tools etc, trucks for self drive home removal and minibuses for things like group holidays or fishing trips. A hire vehicle can also be driven abroad for a custom holiday or relocation, the list of reasons for vehicle hire is endless. Some people might hire, just for the experience of driving a recently released, expertly maintained, smooth running car.

Car clubs including traditional and one-way are also popular options, allowing short term rental. Peer-to-peer car rental sees the service in a middle-man role, organising rental between private car owners and potential renters. The choice of liftsharing, saves on petrol as people travel together in a shared car. All of these measures demonstrate a responsible attitude to motoring which cares about the environment while cutting costs.

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Published on 9th February, 2013